Board of Directors

The staff, volunteers, and program participants would like to thank GAIT's Board of Directors for their commitment and dedication to GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center (GAIT TRC).

Their efforts to procure additional funding for GAIT TRC through donations, memberships, grants and fundraiser's have helped GAIT TRC to keep program fees as low as possible. This enables GAIT TRC to provide services for as many families in our community as possible.

GAIT TRC's Board of Directors

Sandy Stalter, President

Missi Strub, Treasurer

Vera Remes, Secretary

Deborah Fischer

Paul Stefany

Luisa Weinstein

Martha Dubensky, Executive Director
Founder and Advanced PATH-Certified Instructor

Advisory Board

Jerry Beaver

Peggy Emanuel

Elizabeth Erickson-Kameen, Esq.

Kelly Gaughan, Esq.

Kathleen Hendrickson

Christopher King

Karen Kontizas

Patricia Lutfy

Carolyn Stieh

Miriam Siegel

Patricia Walker


*GAIT TRC mourns the loss of the late Richard Snyder, who was a great patron and friend to GAIT, as well as an advisory board member. He will be deeply missed.*

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