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2013 Wish List:

Donations within each amount range will help us purchase the following items:

20lb Stock Copy Paper
ASTM-SEI Riding Helmets of Various Sizes (required to ride)
Fly Spray for the horses
Fly Masks for the horses when in pasture

Feed, Hay, Stall Bedding for 1 horse for 1 month
Fence Maintenance and Improvement
Barn Repairs and Renovations
Sponsor 1 rider for 1 season (actual cost = $410/month)

Horse Equipment, including saddle, bridle, blankets, and first aid supplies
Gardening and Educational Supplies for EFL, TR, and EFP participants

Special Feed for Special Horses (formulated and shipped from upstate NY)
Stall Mats for specific horse stalls

Donations of: "Larva Stop Feed Thru Fly Control" 20lb Bucket (available through Green Valley Tack), Cat Food, and Horse Treats are also needed!       

Any donation to help support the programs at GAIT TRC and to fulfill our mission is greatly appreciated!
You can also make a difference in your community by volunteering at GAIT.

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